Getting Started

1. Creating an account

WarcraftDKP uses Discord login to create your account. Simply login using your Discord credentials, be sure to use the account that is linked to your guilds Discord server.

2. Create a guild

Create a guild by clicking on your avatar (top right) and then create a guild.

When creating your guild, we require you select your guild discord server from the dropdown list. This allows your discord members to see private DKP if you select that as an option.

3. Record your DKP

Currently WarcraftDKP only supports recording DKP with the MonolithDKP addon.

Once you have some DKP you can upload your DKP using the sync tool.

4. Download and Install the Sync Tool

Windows Installer
Mac Installer

5. Sync Tool Setup

  • Obtain a token. Click your username (top right) and click "Access Token". Copy and paste your token into the sync tool.
  • In the Sync Tool. Select your "Saved Variables" Folder. This is located in your World of Warcraft Folder. WTF/Account/YOURACCOUNTNAME/SavedVariables.

It's important that you select the correct SavedVariables folder, otherwise sync will not work .

Anyone in your guild can use the sync tool providing they have the guild owners sync token.

6. Finally sync your DKP

When you click the Sync button in the sync tool, your MonolithDKP lua file will be uploaded to WarcraftDKP and synced to your guild. PRESS ONLY ONCE

If you have a large amount of DKP to sync it can take 30 seconds or more after you have clicked the button for the sync to complete.